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New book by Michael H. Brown


[Kindle and Nook]


The nun who survived poisoning by Communists

Bishop: Ebola makes Liberians feel God has abandoned them

Saving an unborn baby inside an abortion clinic

That 'chapel' persecuted in Idaho

Teens and pornography: it's worse than you think

But in Nigeria: outbreak officially 'over'

The 'shemitah,' financial collapse, and you

Partial eclipse this week

Ebola conspiracy theories

Archives: an angel story

The earth's magnetic field could flip in our lifetimes

Health watch: foods that cause headaches

New book by Michael H. Brown

What You Take To Heaven on Kindle and Nook; Fear of Fire on Kindle; A Life of Blessings on Kindle,  Nook; The Other Side on Kindle, Nook; Life Missions, Family Healings on Kindle, Nook; The God of Miracles on Kindle, Nook; Tower of Light on Kindle, Nook;  The Spirits Around Us on Kindle, Nook;  After Life on Kindle, Nook; The Seven on Kindle  

Mailbag: sometimes dark autumnal clouds seem to reflect darkness beneath

Blog claims Vatican plans conservative purge

Cardinal Pell: I never saw the Pope irritated

Cardinal: there was no real division at Synod

Cardinal George comments on Pope, successor

Pope will visit Blue Mosque

Francis: Church has one year to mature

Blogger: Pope rejected both extremes

Pope beatifies Paul VI as 'remarkable' Synod ends

A Pope of dialogue

The lighter side

*Don't let others drag you into their emptiness, arrogance

Author looks at 'life review' and hereafter in new book

Prayer Room  Meditation: saints of the day  Mass readings  Homily of the Day  Vatican Video  Mary's Message

Donations: we need and appreciate it!

Retreat, signs of times, afterlife: New Orleans


Michael Brown retreat: Kansas City 


Special report: were viruses like Ebola accidentally or otherwise released from labs?

A hundred years of Schoenstatt

The unknown relic of John Paul II

Decline in mainstream Protestant churches may be slowing

Ghostly visions in the early Church

Government to 'chapel': marry gays or else

Occult watch: Rivers visited 'haunted' hotel just before death

Discernment beat: an alleged mystic describes Holy Mass

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