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Against her will: woman remembers father's satanic rituals

Poll: majority believes in hell

Ministers meet to push back against gay tyranny

Conservatives barrage Houston mayor with Bibles

Santorum: we're one generation away from persecution

Temple Mount reopens after shooting

Occult watch: the lure of ghost tourism in Canada

Praise God: woman postpones suicide

Discernment beat: a '25-year depression'?

A prayer over bacon?

Fracking: harming kids?

Video: real-life exorcism

Was the last Boston witch a Catholic martyr?

Bullied professor

Jehovah's Witnesses must pay $13.5 million for abuse

Couple married fifty years have never seen each other

Study: the secrets of healthy aging

New book by Michael H. Brown

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Synod: who was 'confused'?

Pope: love and justice more important than attachment to laws

Pope: the devil exists and we must fight him

U.S. bishops set to discuss new exorcism manual

Exorcist says spike in exorcisms due to Halloween

Text: the final Synod document

When 'vultures' circle, make sure to take out the garbage

How Cardinal Burke welcomed home a gay activist

Statement on 'healing of families book': bishop reviewing it

Dozens of churches to 'merge' in New York City

Nothing is more important at the moment of death than the encounter with Jesus

In New Orleans, does the sky have it?

Beware the trap of legalism

Prayer Room Meditation: saints of the day Mass readings Homily of the Day Vatican Video Mary's Message

Michael Brown retreat: Kansas City

Ex-Harvard researcher says 'voice' led him to virus revelations

Special report (II): has government ever secretly tested viruses, vaccines, or population reduction?

Donations: we need and appreciate it!

When souls from purgatory manifest

Secrets of the souls

That museum in Rome dedicated to purgatory

Cemeterians of the holy ground

Evangelizing -- through cemeteries

Divorce, remarriage, and the prodigal son

Divorce-proof your marriage by emulating a servant of God

Rome's non-Catholic cemetery

Unsettled souls: headless ranger?

Report: woman's cancer disappeared at Medjugorje

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