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Spain: massive manhunt


Pope prays

Korea: Monday war games may spur reaction

Catholic parishes in path of eclipse

The seven Salems of the eclipse

A hurricane eclipse?

Gingrich: presidency at risk

Signs: sky will show a divided nation Monday

Buchanan: America's 'second civil war'

Trump set to end contraceptive mandate

Pediatricians: gender ideology is child abuse

Storm threat ratcheted up again

Prayer need: murder of pregnant woman linked to satanism

Eclipse 'may or may not be' sign


Comet 'fright-train' to hit Jupiter again


100-year-old eclipse prophecy indicated crisis with North Korea?


Report: Pope may approve Medjugorje this year

Video: Akita seer explains spiritual, Church times

A visit to Kibeho

Faces of the deceased?

Leading theologian attacks papal document

Archbishop touts American Catholicism

Novena urged to heal families

Prayer room: novena to Mary, Undoer of Knots

Vatican: Roberto Clemente not up for sainthood

New Jersey: officials remove Guadalupe shrine

Image result for padre pio and virgin maryPadre Pio's tribute to the Assumption

City's website details oddities of quakes, eclipses

Special Report (new): of eclipses and alleged prophecies from beyond

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Michael H. Brown retreat in Omaha


Holy Land with Michael H. Brown

The astonishing and sometimes tragic story of an obsession

Prayer for the eclipse

Arizona: 'fire' rainbow

How to stop late-night snacking

Why you should brag about your spouse

Bachmann becomes 'pastor' to 'dark' U.N.

The last words of twenty-five saints

A 'joke'?

Pope prays for victims of horrid mudslide

Poll: two-thirds of Americans admit to being sinners

Abnormal start to fall predicted

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