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(Source: Cory Hearon Facebook)

Look at this ('angel') cloud


Trump refuses to say if he'll accept election results


Who won? Depends, of course, on who you ask


Trump: strong debate


Clinton: by wide margin


Comments that hit big


Hillary grilled on corruption


Horror: defends abortion right up to birth

The general behind Trump

Is country collapsing like Roman Empire?

Vandals hit Republican office

Will ISIS unleash chemical weapons?

Famed TV commentator: 'no matter who wins, it will be a dark period'

Who are Evangelicals going to vote for?

Clinton's close friend, the abortionist

The two candidates: 'models of our fallen nature'

Sorry times: lewd nun, priest costumes available at Amazon, Wal-Mart


Election antidote: a Church that's otherworldly

Signs: 'bad moon' over the Atlantic

What would Guadalupe look like without artistic embellishments?

Catholic Relief Services distributes abortifacients in Congo

Saints, sinners, and purgatorial souls

What Jesus taught about hell

(Source: Cory Hearon Facebook)

Look at this ('angel') cloud

Padre Pio's final vision

Special study: Common Core incompatible with Catholic education

Alleged seer from Brazil warns of 'great coming evil'

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Spirit Daily retreat (M Brown) San Francisco, Oct. 29


Special Report: the preternatural side of the Mafia

Our (sad) strange time: now, cover boys

Demonic celebrities causing fans to cut themselves

Our strange time: woman beats husband with plaque of Jesus

The dangers of Ouija

Surprising history of demonic clowns

Keep a healthy spiritual weight

Healing uses for honey

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