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Special Report (new): tsunamis, war, quakes?

Image result for divine mercy JesusDefeat the tempter through Divine Mercy

Masses urged for Sheen's birthday

The contemplative gazes

Ezekiel's unexplained fiery wheel: also in recent times?

Viewpoint: the problem with papal mind-readers

The biblical roots of Confession

Sun miracle, Good Friday, Uganda?

Upon death: bringing the right stuff to God

Oil resumes flow from famous icon in Syria

Papal tweets

Meditation: saints of the day Daily Prayer  Mass readings Homily of Day  Vatican Videos Mary's Messages

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Toronto retreat: Michael H. Brown, May 20

 drama over budget, Trump pushes for wall

Trump: hundred-day mark 'not meaningful'

North Korea threatens to sink U.S. carrier

Fox News ready to become more like CNN?

Vending machine dispenses morning-after pill

Putin building massive Arctic base

French voters oust elite

They call it 'steve'

Steve, a stripe of light through the night sky

Catholic commentator dies

Prayer need: twenty children killed in  blazing African wreck

Miracle: lions save Christians?

Shame: Kardashian poses as Virgin Mary

Health watch: do frozen vegetables maintain nutritional worth?

Back in stock!

Video: a great cathedral mystery

God's Creation: bringing back the bees

The 'hype' over 'Benedict Option'

Video (discernment beat); moment a statue weeps

Twenty reasons for drinking lemon water

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