A message in 'miraculous' tears


Eighty-five-year-old defies death threats from Satanists to rebuild ancient church (caution: eclectic site)

Officer in Ferguson was pinned against car, feared for life

Ebola rises sharply in Sierra Leone

Chaput saw 'hand of devil' in Synod confusion

Teens bound for ISIS?

Northeaster hits New England

Dallas diocese housed those monitored for Ebola

When Catholics are less Catholic than non-Catholics

Horrors of Islamic State described by abducted woman

Signs: death of the Salton Sea?

The nun who survived poisoning by Communists

Bishop: Ebola makes Liberians feel God has abandoned them

Televangelist urged abortions

Our confusing time: singing nun re-records 'Madonna'

Prayer urgency: Christian woman will appeal death sentence

Partial eclipse this week

Notre Dame to hold conference on faithful homosexuals

A skeptical look at vaccines

Archives: an angel story

Health watch: foods that cause headaches

New book by Michael H. Brown

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Enoch's angels

John Paul II: pope, prophet

Memorial of John Paul II

The unknown relic of new saint

Temptations of the Synod

Why the Synod was 'extraordinary'

Pope: 'let us break down walls that divide us'

Mailbag: sometimes dark autumnal clouds seem to reflect darkness beneath

Cardinal Pell: I never saw the Pope irritated

Report: widespread support for final Synod document

Cardinal Kasper offers qualified apology

Pope will visit Blue Mosque

The lighter side

*Don't let others drag you into their emptiness, arrogance

Author looks at 'life review' and hereafter in new book

Prayer Room  Meditation: saints of the day  Mass readings  Homily of the Day  Vatican Video  Mary's Message

Donations: we need and appreciate it!

Retreat, signs of times, afterlife: New Orleans


Michael Brown retreat: Kansas City 


Special report: were viruses like Ebola accidentally or otherwise released from labs?

The sorrow of envy

Three types of visions

Books on the afterlife

Saint Augustine's ghost story

Decline in mainstream Protestant churches may be slowing

A hundred years of Schoenstatt

Possessed by a 'genie'?

Prayer need: hell-bent

Surprising uses for eggshells

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