Vatican braces for event 'of global significance'

Officials halt burning of aborted babies in Oregon

Shame: Divine Mercy display vandalized


Vandals deface John Paul II memorial in Poland

Report claims Pope told divorced woman she should be able to take Communion


Vatican press office issues statement

Increased opposition in Curia to Pope Francis?

The twentieth century's greatest dissident

China poised to be largest Christian country

Mag-6.7 off Canada

A 9,950-year-old tree?

Video (is this real?): underwater statue of Our Blessed Mother


No: it's off the Philippines

Surgeons who pray with patients

God's hot pursuit of an armed bank robber

Stolen picture of Jesus found on eBay

Atheists win battle against California city council

Airborne surveillance

Get your vitamin D

Health watch: homemade mayonnaise

Confirmed: Benedict to attend canonizations

When it (allegedly) comes to miraculous oil, sometimes there are messages

John XXIII launched Vatican II, and then some

Why Divine Mercy Sunday is so fitting for canonization

John Paul II was unaware of Legionaries scandal

Cheerfulness is a virtue

Serenity and a great light, often, at the moment of death

Medjugorje (video): myth or miracle?

Catholic radio returns to Los Angeles

The traditions John Paul II invented

'The greatest Easter painting'

Prayer Room  Meditation: saints of the day  Mass readings  Mary's Messages Homily of the Day  Vatican Video

John Paul II novena  Divine Mercy novena

Michael Brown retreat: Philadelphia-New Jersey

Donations: we need and appreciate it! 


Spirit Daily will be in Rome for the canonizations

John Paul II novena

Archives: 'Pope of my secret'

John Paul II's deep prayer

A Pope described as 'from the sun'

Was he a mystic?

Mastermind of 9/11 tied to plot on Pope

Plot was foiled by miraculous explosion

John Paul prayed for Mary to come

Saintly Pope sent blessing to seer

Among the greatest Popes: reject despair

John Paul II tied to Pope Gregory

Pope's astonishing power changed the world

Revelation confirmed 'Fatima Pope'

Divine Mercy predictions

Passing of John Paul the Great and prophecy

What he said about Medjugorje

'Blogwatch: did Pope really say Communion is okay for divorced?

Seeking peace at a grotto

Costa Rican 'miracle' woman bringing a suitcase full of prayers

Jokes told by John XXIII

Diagnosing Hitler

Blogwatch: why don't parents name their daughters 'Mary'?

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