Good Friday meditations

Stations of the Cross

Divine Mercy novena

Irish archdiocese declares 'locutionist' in contradiction of Church teachings

Blog: Maria of Divine Mercy: revelation or something other?

St. Joan of Arc, Easter, and Communion

Disabled group has to scrap Lourdes trip

Stopped for suspected shoplifting, a baby is found in the bag

'My kind of saint!'

The theological significance of a veil

Priests at front line in Italy's battle against Mafia

Near-death testimonies

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Prayer urgency: Good Friday ceremony at sea turns deadly

Arrest warrants issued for ferry captain

Prayer urgency: some may be alive

Rescued school principal found hanging from tree

Avalanche sweeps down Mount Everest, killing at least a dozen

Prayer need: the misery of not knowing

Jews told to register in eastern Ukraine

After prayer, extreme abortion bill dies in Colorado senate

Small quake in Nevada

Idaho quakes puzzle experts

God's Creation: one fifth of Chinese soil contaminated

Liberal view: how the Pope is remaking the GOP

Outrage: U.S. surgery far more expensive than elsewhere, but no more effective

Rome 'ready' for canonizations

Farmer's Almanac predicts hot summer

AP Photo

Pope washes feet of disabled, including elderly Muslim

Spiritual warfare: binding your mind and heart to Jesus

Movie on boy's glimpse of Heaven: he also saw Virgin

Francis' recollections of John Paul II

Holy Thursday and footwashing

Lenten meditation: spiritual warfare must be preached again

Michael Brown retreat: Philadelphia-New Jersey

Oil that heals

The power of the Divine Mercy novena

The real spirit of Saint Francis

Did Pope hint at more married priests?

Francis: priesthood is no place for those with psychological problems

Will media love-in with Pope Francis soon end?

Imitation of Christ: the royal road of the Holy Cross

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