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Trumps attend prayer service

Gives up Android cell phone

Weekend 'mega'-protests?

Ascends to presidency with muscular speech and a warning to Washington

'We'll be unstoppable'

Reaction around the world

'Business as usual is over'

Blogwatch: an unfortunate 'prophecy'

Buchanan: new president, new world

To sign order defunding Planned Parenthood International?

Will there be a crash?

Signs: the warmest year?

Trump's 'God-whisperer'

Trump's daily 'tweets'

Health watch: is sleep loss affecting your health?

Pontiff sends Trump good wishes

Holy Father: devil constantly attacks followers of Christ

Exorcist: devil fears me

The pagan gods of yoga and New Age music

Pope's popularity goes higher

Get rid of the clutter and baggage in your life

Rays upon Guadalupe

Meditation: saints of the day Daily Prayer  Mass readings Homily of Day  Vatican Videos Mary's Messages

Donations: we need and appreciate it!

Special Report (new): Knowing things in advance

Prophecy, spiritual warfare retreat: Atlanta


February Michael Brown retreat: Vero Beach, Florida

Father DeGrandis

CIA releases secret psychic files

Why Trump is not the anti-christ

Star quarterback surrounds himself with quality people

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