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Jesus Man of War!-Maria Vadia NEW


Protesters clash in Phoenix over Muhammad cartoon event

Powerful quake strikes off Japan

Pope celebrates couple's seventieth anniversary

Signs: more rain in forecast for Texas

Prayer urgency: Boko Haram hacks to death scores of Christians

The 'ghost boy'

Mysterious low-flying plane raises eyebrows in Minneapolis

'Charlie Charlie Challenge': a terrifying 'game'


Internet 'full of pictures showing strange movement of pencils'

Clinton calls Bible 'the living Word'

Video: church hit for second time by massive lightning

Video: 'I met the devil'

How many are overweight?

A chilling warning

Spiritual protection: a new classic

See yourself not through the eyes of others but through those of Jesus

Retreat, Michael H. Brown: healing, deliverance, prophecy, spiritual warfare, the afterlife  Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina June 20

Benedict XVI handed book of 'false' seer's messages

Müller shuts down Medjugorje prayer meeting

'Superior' attitude that dismisses the supernatural: a Church that has strayed

In Ireland, an eruption of visions and 'messages' warned of descent into evil

The evil rising around us

Special Report (new): Unusual phenomena around world coincide with new (and sometimes strange) prophecies

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Spirit Daily pilgrimage: Fatima, Avila, Lourdes: October

Rise of the militant Catholic male

Admitting child abuse in the confessional

Should Christians confront Mormon missionaries?

Health watch: cabbage and preventing disease

Video: music of the monks

Gates: fear the epidemic

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