The Truth Is The Truth, Period.

The Truth is a funny thing: It's true no matter what you think of it.

Do you pray for the "Spirit of Truth"? Do you beseech God to illumine the deepest parts of you? Do you ask Jesus to remove the "scales" from your eyes -- the spiritual blinders? Do you ask for a total revelation of your standing with Him?

Do you plead for the truth about many confusions and difficulties and struggles in life?

We all should and must, especially in these confusing deceptive times!

And we should remember the truth cannot be altered.

The truth is always the truth. One day -- inescapably, gloriously -- you will see it in its fullness and some of what you see will amaze and surprise you. We can fool ourselves. We can try to fool others. We can hide things, deny things, exercise bias, cover over things, put our own "spin" on reality, exercise preconceptions, make up our minds before garnering the facts, turn a "blind" eye.

But the truth is the truth and comes with the Holy Spirit.

When something is hidden is our lives, it is rooted. It's a weed. Did you ever contend with those kinds of weeds that spread underground -- spring from "feeders"?

You pluck a weed out from the surface, and the next one... and the next one -- and almost immediately, they return?

They do so because they're connected, we haven't rooted out the feeders, the hiddenness linking them.

Let's say you're impatient. You work at your impatience but can't seem to solve it. No matter how hard or often you try! That could be because your impatience is coming from a "feeder" root of anxiety -- connected to a weed you thought was separate. Or, you may have an issue of anger. You can't seem to root that out. You're still mad even though you don't want to be disturbed.

Perhaps it's because the emotion is spawned by a feeder that connects to fear.

The fear is feeding -- even creating -- the anger.

When we dig deep enough -- when we seek the total truth (and nothing but the truth -- honestly) -- we suddenly find a long root in our hands that is connected to a bunch of other seemingly disconnected weeds. Problem solved. Dig deep enough and a bunch come out.

We can tell "white" lies. We can smile when we really don't feel like smiling -- put on airs, act abnormally cheerful when we're in the company of someone we don't want to have in our midst. We can go into elaborate and convoluted explanations to explain what is not actually true.

We can tell partial truths.

We can lie to ourselves (a very frequent occurrence).

We can view matters with a legalistic viewpoint that allows no other viewpoint -- a hardened bias whereby everything one side says is right and everything the other side says is false, with no exceptions, no in-betweens.

We can do that.


Pope Francis releases his Lenten messageEventually, the  truth surfaces.

Time produces the truth.

The truth is the truth and in time it always reveals itself.

By the fruits do we know what is real and what is not.

How truthful are you? Do you strive to be honest and unbiased, objective, fair, in every single situation -- and, even, every thought? Or are you draining yourself by propping up a wrong view? How much energy it takes to keep a falsity alive!

The truth is seen by its fruits -- not by its appearances.

It's important to think honestly. Always. For lies bind us. Falsity trips us up. When we make excuses for procrastination, when we "fib" to avoid an unpleasant circumstance, when we are in  denial, when pride is our prism, when we find it expeditious to misdirect, omit a fact, or fabricate, or exaggerate, we are lying. We're bound. It is the truth and nothing short of it that sets us free. There is no such thing as a "white" lie.

Often, no matter how hard we try -- no matter how many times we call up to the Lord for an answer -- we must wait for events to unfold. It isn't usually a sudden flash of locution. It is revealed in the words and actions of others and the events of life. Be patient and watch things and people reveal themselves. Don't bother arguing with falsity (many are the wolves in sheep's clothing). 

There may be a testing time, a period of learning -- when we can't get an answer, when the truth just is not and will not make itself plain. Frustrating! You may be disliked much for preaching the Gospel. It is holiness to carry the Cross of Truth.

But when finally a lesson is learned, the sea parts, the trial ends.

We learn something through the push and pulls (and fogs) of life.

In time -- if we pray -- the scales finally fall. A matter clarifies. This is a grace. "And immediately there fell from his eyes something like scales, and he regained his sight, and he got up and was baptized," we recall about Paul in Acts 9.

"Spirit of truth, spirit of truth. Come Spirit of truth." This is a prayer. Being honest we are called to be, for without truth we can't connect to the Truth of God in eternity.

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