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Apostolic visitor wants expansion of Medjugorje

Pope accepts two more bishop resignations

Dolan is 'impatient' with slow Vatican response

Church notes: the roots of the crisis

Benedict distressed about use of his papacy to attack Francis

Pope-emeritus defends abdication

Francis attacks 'hypocrites'

Saint Michael novena

Miracles of the Church: Saint Januarius

Cardinal collapses during annual blood miracle

'Third Secret still relevant'

New rules for abuse bishops

Anti-abuse activist pan new bishops' proposals

Wuerl due to meet with Holy Father

All Church had to have done was follow rules

How Rome has failed for decades

Video: did Communists insert agents to destroy Church?

The story of LaSalette

An open letter to Cardinal McCarrick

A robot apocalypse

Conquering the sin of envy

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Donations: we need and appreciate it!

Michael Brown retreat: Connecticut

Pio: a second Saint Francis

Priest who burned rainbow flag punished

Padre Pio's first healing miracle

Holy Father: keep homilies short!

Subverting an election

The diet of a medieval monk

A fascinating set of maps

A closer look at Vigano

Body found -- 1,000 feet deep in Tahoe

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Chinese cardinal wants resignation of Vatican official

Drummer says singer Beyonce uses 'dark magic, extreme witchcraft'

Prayer need: French priest commits suicide after abuse claim

Brutal slaying of eight in one family

Survey: many states have already examined Church abuse

Kavanaugh accuser open to testifying

China may create its own internet

Signs: bugs are disappearing

Report: Cohen gave Mueller 'valuable' information

A message from Kim

Controversies may cause Court to delay high-profile cases

In China, 'big brother' replaces 'red dragon'

What a cloud!

Satanic 'mass' planned for Philadelphia

Video: Generation zapped (health alert)

Health watch: fasting may halt vascular aging

The pontifical 'secret'

It was child pornography that closed observatory

New: cloth tilma replica (three sizes)