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After His Resurrection, It Was Now The Son Of God As The Most  Brilliant Light

For one journalist, no choice but to believe in apparition

George Washington's alleged apparition

In Upstate New York, Interest Stirred As Public Rosary Halts With Alleged Seer

Botanical Phenomenon Mirrors  Medjugorje Message

Fatima mystery: how did a German publication guess at the third secret?

Huge new Medjugorje mystery

Medjugorje update

Year ending with dramatic events and tone

Apparition message

Millionaire gave it all away after seeing Blessed Mother

Did Maria Esperanza warn of the current Chinese tensions?

 "This is the year of mercy and grace, but when this is over then we will realize what we had"

'Live with hope and trust and when the moment of purification arrives, abandon yourselves entirely to me and I will give you your mission'

Seers recounts meeting with Pope and says secrets can't be changed

What it's like to see Mary: transportation into other dimension

Seer says current period of mercy was gained by Pope; advises us to let it be -- 'but remain vigilant day and night'

Is It Just Imagining Or Do Places Such As Orlando Draw Storms And Dark Forces?

Vicka reiterates comments on Virgin's 'plan' 

Secrets Of The Mount: The Blessed Mother And A Hidden History Of Carmel

Seer said to pray for Pope

Milingo linked to visionary

Rumors on Sister Lucia

Miraculous photos from Medjugorje: CHRIST in the sky

Seers still mention a 'permanent sign'

What will the permanent sign at Medjugorje be?

When will permanent sign occur?

Hidden prophecy from apparition in France indicated 'anti-christ'

Bishops grapple with reports of dramatic phenomena  in Europe

Shock of recent events raise questions on first Medjugorje 'secrets'

Seer: be more responsible

From the mailbag: unconfirmed report that second Medjugorje seer made reference to 'big days' coming

When Ivan mentioned 'big days coming,' was he referring to something unusual or the Christmas season?

Medjugorje Seer: Parents, Take Your Children To Church   

Franciscans seek agreement with Mostar bishop

Mysterious Mount Krizevac

Two other Medjugorje seers said to have details on life of Mary

Our Lady of Medjugorje Issues Urgent Call To Mercy And Love

Medjugorje seer hints that first secret will be 'severe' regional event

From the mailbag (unedited): prayers for woman connected to alleged Spanish apparition site

The Pope's take on Medjugorje

Archbishop told Pope about Medjugorje

Message from Esperanza

Fierce thunderstorm preceded apparitions

Great crowds gather for Medjugorje anniversary

National Catholic broadcaster relates miracle with Maria Esperanza

Former pastor sees Medjugorje as a call to stand up for values forgotten by society and church 

Reagan and Gorbachev were secretly briefed on Medjugorje

In largely unknown remarks, Sister Lucia said consecration of Russia has been done

Medjugorje and the anti-christ

Pope thanks Fatima Virgin for saving his life

The incredible story of Maria Esperanza

Medjugorje seers went to Rome

St. Joseph rises from obscurity in alleged apparition

Apparitions in Iraq occurred near ancient Nineveh

The eyes have it

Esperanza's vision of Heaven

Old alleged apparition in South America and startling message

Virgin appears to have installed plan for whole hemisphere

Seer: failure in love stems from lack of knowledge of God

Ancient vision in Ecuador bore similarities to current ones

Does Quito prophecy link to recent Medjugorje message?

Vision saw Church saved by priests, convents

The astonishing messages from an American apparition

The Guadalupe in Spain

The Life of Sister Mary Mildred Neuzil

Two months after death of priest, Medjugorje waits for another shoe to drop

Former secretary says archbishop was 'very close' to apparition

The Blessed Mother's plan to rescue America

Medjugorje reflection: Only time spent in prayer is spent really well 

Ohio nun was intent on mission of statue

Historian at Fatima says archives indicate additional apparitions

Key cardinal denies criticizing Medjugorje

`It Is More Dangerous To Stay At Home' 

Lourdes and a supermarket tabloid

Sister Lucia of Fatima comments on visionaries

The astonishing apparitions in Nicaragua: an untold story 

Vatican Archbishop Says No New Fatima Visions, Secrets

New pastor for Medjugorje

Famous site of Virgin Mary was plagued by false seers

American apparition was at first stage of approval

The stunning link between Our Lady of America and other apparitions

Cardinal worries about division caused by apparition

Inaccurate Medjugorje report?

Vicar: no judgment on Medjugorje until apparitions end

Mailbag: demons attempt to disrupt apparition site

A letter from Rome on Medjugorje

Message in Our Lady of America revelation paralleled Medjugorje and third secret of Fatima

'Our Lady of America' appears to be first approved U.S. medal

Slanted reports on Medjugorje

'Peric's statements are always a punishment'

New Medjugorje mystery

Natural or supernatural?

Flow of fluid baffles expert

Catholic woman describes alleged 'bilocation'

The link between 'Our Lady of America' and other apparitions

Message in Our Lady of America revelation paralleled Medjugorje and third secret of Fatima

Accent on 'discernment'

From the mailbag: reader says statue exuded liquid last fall

Pilgrims report healing linked to statue exudation

Visionary alert

Medjugorje 'vision' confirmed

News that Colombia president invoked Virgin points to hidden apparitions


Urgent surgery canceled after executive returns from Medjugorje

More in mail on corpus

As visionaries begin to fade from the scene, the question remains: how many were real?

More from experts on Medjugorje 'corpus'

Consecration said to have prevented nuclear war

Vatican scouts Medjugorje

Our Lady of America appears to be first approved medal

A look back at mysterious apparitions in Spain

A miraculous statue of Guadalupe in the ocean?

Apparition of Father Slavko?

Alleged U.S. seer went to netherworld

Nun warned on evil facing U.S. and 'hitherto unknown' punishment

The special mystery of Garabandal

As time runs through hourglass, bishops remain unaware of apparition

Boy sees the Virgin during apparition at Medjugorje as Mary said to field pilgrims' questions

Our Lady of America and August 5

Claim of 'seal' against anti-christ causing stir

Was It Just Accident Or Does Bus Crash Point To A Famed Message From France?

Vicar Says Medjugorje Will Not Be Judged Until Long After Apparitions

Archbishop behind 'Our Lady of America' was pious man

Priest Who Serves As Confidante To Seer Believes Predicted Event Getting Closer

New mysteries in old manifestations?

Statuette of Our Lady of America was transmitted to papal envoy

Virgin focused on youth who would rescue world

Canadian claims visions

Bishop skeptical on Canadian

'Our Lady of America' allegedly warned priests on obedience

Third secret altered?

Angelus urged by seer

Seers and the anti-christ

War Vet Said 'Voice' Came To Him During Fatima 'Sign' And Later Saved Him In War

Nun in alleged U.S. apparition described 'huge angels'

Strange Light Claimed In Guadalupe Image After Mexico City Ok'd Abortion

U.S. seer received message on war

Discerning Apparitions A Difficult Process

Are They True? Apparitions South Of The Border Again Raise Issue Of Discernment

Archbishop's nephew relates striking occurrence at alleged site

Visit Of 'Seer' To Miami Points Up Need Both for Openness and For Discernment

Vicar Says Medjugorje Will Not Be Judged Until Long After Apparitions

103-year-old nun reveals letters on apparition

More on letters from 103-year-old

And more

Spokesman for cardinal confirms that Medjugorje has been placed in hands of Vatican

Spirit Daily announces pilgrimage to Medjugorje

Our Lady of America and Rue du Bac

Once Realm Of Individual Seers, Claims Of Visions Now Span Across Populace

Site In Venezuela Accents Mystery Of Why Certain Spots Are Specially Chosen

Additional Apparitions Of Mary At Famous Site Occurred Between 1921 and 1922

Report: Vatican Set To Release Official Guide To Discerning Alleged Apparitions

New petition on U.S. apparition circulated

The mystery of Akita, Japan

American seer saw 'light' just before death

Address of Angelo Cardinal Sodano Concerning the Third Part of the Secret of Fátima

Apparitions and signs in Asia

Miracles reported through the centuries near Fatima

Sister Lucia says 'Consecration' was fulfilled

False Seers Came Close To Causing Condemnation Of Famed Lourdes Visions

From The Mail: In The Depths Of Prison Despair, Mary Came With Lesson Of Faith

Protestant journalist claims apparition materialized at site

Mysterious Origin Of Name 'Guadalupe' Appears To Underscore Spiritual Battle

Whatever Happened To Lubbock, Texas -- Where Massive 'Miracles' Were Claimed?

Report: Woman Was Healed Of Severe Cancer, Other Illnesses At Medjugorje

Apparition To Nun In U.S. Made Pointed Remarks Indicating Fruit Of Sin Was War

Apparitions Occurred In Iraq In Very Vicinity Of Ancient Nineveh

The Pope's Opposition To Military Strike In Iraq Can Be Found In Secrets Of Fatima

Papal Theologian Linked To An Alleged Visionary In Syria

Correspondent Relates Effort To Find Out If Mary Is Appearing In Saudi Arabia

Major Apparition To American Nun Occurred On This Day As Did A Historic Vision In Rome

Medjugorje Apparition Are Divisive, Bishop Warns

Buddhist Monk Claims That Voice Of The 'Holy Mother' Rescued Him From Suicide

Alleged Buddhist Miracle Underlines Other Times Mary Has Spoken To Pagans

From the Marines to Making Rosaries

Deep In The Hidden Side Of American History Are Experiences Of The Virgin Mary

From The Mailbag: Medjugorje Seers Have Holiday Apparitions


The Miraculous Conversion Story of Prisoner Claude Newman


Hidden Connections: The Mystical Side of Christopher Columbus

American Apparition Already Past First Stage Of Church Approval

At Critical Time In Nation's History Comes New Consecration And Alleged Message

Priest And Indian Chief Both Claimed To Have Seen Virgin Mary Near Camp David

Fatima Seer On Sin, Disasters, and Fallen Priests in Potent Book

Modernists And Traditionalists Run Into Each Other At Revered Shrine Of Fatima

Miracles Reported At Fatima Centuries Before Famous Apparitions

Fatima Mystery: Death Of Lucia Accents Famed Secrets and Area's Hidden History

The Dramatic Fatima Revelations

The Third Secret Of Fatima And The Flaming Sword

Bishop To Enthrone Statue Honoring Virgin As "Our Lady Of America"  -- Taking Apparition A Step Closer To Approval

Businessman In Fight Of His Life Details His Life-Saving Vision Of The Virgin Mary

His incredible courtroom drama

Correspondent Relates Effort To Find Out If Mary Is Appearing In Saudi Arabia

Site Of Apparitions At Guadalupe Seen As Linked To Miraculous Image In Spain

National shrine presents foreign apparitions but none from U.S.

In Stunning Trend, Guadalupe Devotion Is Crossing Into Protestant Denominations

The Incredible Eyes Of Guadalupe

How The 'Immaculate Conception' Dogma Came To Be 


Faith Of Fatima Shepherds' Spirituality of Blessed Jacinta Marto, youngest non-martyred child ever to be beatified

Month Of Rosary Brings Out Fascinating Question Of Whether Virgin Saw Jesus

Former Fundamentalist And Radio Host Claims Prophecies From Virgin, Angels

St. Joseph  Rises From Obscurity In Messages From American Apparition

In Eye Of Miraculous Guadalupe Image, A Figure Believed That Of St. Juan Diego

Archbishop Resurrects Apparitions That Created Huge Controversy in Philippines

Fatima Seer Stood As Most Famous Nun In The World, Her Passing Seen To Be Prophetic

Book By Superior Raises Fatima Mystery: Did Lucia Have Visions Up To Her Death?

Alleged Site Of Apparitions In Ohio Now Under Investigation By Cleveland Bishop

At  Farm In Canada, Claims Persist That The Blessed Mother Often Makes Visits

Date Of May 13 Figures Into Apparitions And Miraculous Events On World Stage

New Test On Medjugorje Seers Sent To Vatican As Famous Site Marks 25th Year

Establishment Of New Commission Sets Record Straight At Famous Apparitions

Vicar Says Medjugorje Will Not Be Judged Until Long After Apparitions

Strange Connections In 'Messages' From Alleged Site Under Study By The Church

Not Yet Okayed Or Rejected, Medjugorje Sends Forth A Rare Mysterious Message

From Attacks To Talk Of 'Signs,' A Swirl Has Arisen Around A Famous Apparition

Millionaire Gives It All Away After Seeing The Blessed Virgin At Medjugorje

In Medjugorje, 'people are turning to God'

'Miraculous Medal' Marked New Era Of More Dramatic Visits By Blessed Mother

Mary Co-redemptrix: A Dogmatic Crowning for the Queen? (for your discernment)

High On A Mount In Spain, An Incredible Site Dedicated To The Blessed Mother

Blessed Mother Said To Have Appeared Near Castle, Predicting Demise Of Satan

Bishop Changes Prayer As Rome Objects To Words From 'Approved' Dutch Vision

Homily By Ratko Perić Bishop of Mostar on Medjugorje

From The Mailbag: Priest Linked To Secrets Speaks On The Many Fruits Of Medjugorje

Mysterious 'Nun' Visits Pentecostal Man And Brings Him Back From Brink Of Death

Mysteries Abound Around Saragossa -- Site Of The Virgin Mary's First Apparition

At Lourdes Is A Feeling Of Cleanliness And With One Glance Defeat Of A Demon

Revelation of Hodigitria in Smolensk: 'Go Tell Them to Pray and Fast or Perish'

Mystic Known For Apparitions In Ukraine Reports On New Ones, As Well As His Own

For Decades Rumors Have Swirled That George Washington Had a Vision of Mary At Valley Forge

Old apparition in France gets dramatic new approval

Spokesman says apparition was okayed due to beatification

Obscure apparition, partially approved by archbishop in Italy, claims dramatic 'secrets'

Phenomena now include strange 'orbs'

The growing debate over strange circles of light

Belpasso messages

Exorcists face off over Medjugorje


London tabloid falsely said exorcist speaks for Vatican on Medjugorje


Mirjana and her 'secrets'


Confidante to seer claims that first two secrets will occur in Medjugorje


The Incredible Story Of Maria Esperanza


Death Of Famous Mystic Raises Question About Prophecies Pertaining To Year 2004


Seer Who Foresaw 'Disturbance' By Foreign Power In U.S. Now Turns Concern To Pope


Famous Mystic Now Says Situation In Middle East Could Trigger 'World War'


Maria Esperanza Gives Advice On How To View Times Of Trouble And Chastisement


Renowned Mystic Urges Quick End to Terrorism War


Woman Named As A Leader In Al Qaeda Unit: Did Seer Maria Esperanza Hit Again?


Stigmatic Who Foresaw 9/11 Warns That In Iraq There Is 'Much Below The Surface'


From Esperanza To St. Bernard, Questions Raised On Christ's 'Intermediate' Coming


Famed Mystic Sees Improvement


Seer From Church-Approved Site Claims Christ Is Preparing For A Manifestation


Remembering a mystic and visions she saw


'The Church Is Holy, Immaculate, And Despite Sinners, No One Will Destroy It'


World-Famous Mystic Clinging to Life In Most Recent Brush with Death


Maria Esperanza, Widely Considered The Greatest Catholic Mystic In Decades, Dies In New Jersey Saturday At Age Of 75


Mystic Maria Esperanza Warns US Not To Go To War


From The Mailbag: Esperanza Prophecy On Technology Backed Up By Readers


From The Mail: Family Of Esperanza Gathers At Special Betania 'Fire'


Phenomena Around Mystic Found To Be More Extensive Than Previously Thought


At Mystic's Grave, There Now Seems To Be Much Grace, Not To Mention Pictures


Seer Maria Esperanza Recovering After Serious Brush With Respiratory Failure


'Moment Is Coming' Said Mystic Who Saw A Time When 'Things' Would Be Left Behind


Esperanza's  Recent Sun Prophecies Fulfilled? Great Seer' Health Also Improves


From The Mail Come Testimonies About  Esperanza, and Insights Into Her Death


Navy Man Recounts Prediction By Esperanza And His Father


Venezuelan Stigmatic Makes Intriguing Visits To New York During Special Mission


Esperanza Had Warned Of Attacks On Troops


In New Book Seer Recounts Instances With 'Earthbound' Souls And Purgatory


Personal Remembrance: Above All Else, Famous Mystic's Gift Was Hope And Love


Famed Mystic Makes Remarkable Rebound


In Startling Language, Mystic Claimed A Message About 'Future' Of Technology


Seer Maria Esperanza To Be Entombed Under an Altar?


Prayer Need: Venezuelan Mystic Maria Esperanza Reported Severely Ill Again


As Anniversary Approaches, Mystics Relatives Relate Unusual Occurrences And Confirmation Of Documentation


Photos Taken At Wake Of Mystic Maria Esperanza In Caracas


Venezuelan Seer Says God Holding Back 'Arms Of Terrorists' But Danger Is Ahead


Maryland Woman Recounts Bilocation Of Esperanza And Conversion Of Son


Bishop In Venezuela Said He Himself Saw Phenomena And Consulted Pope Directly


Apparition Site In Venezuela Reopens After Damage By Storm Seer Prophesied


Site In Venezuela Accents Mystery Of Why Certain Spots Are Specially Chosen (Two articles)


Bush Speech May Cast Light On Prophecy That Warned Of 'Small And Large Power'


Hurricanes May Signal Prophecies By Esperanza And Anonymous 1990 Locution


Argentina apparition approved


Messages claim that the majority of mankind is 'contaminated' and a 'warning' covers the earth


Of Little Flashlights And Signs Linked With A Major Mystic And Recent Storms


Publisher Recounts Astonishing Events Associated With Mystic From Venezuela


Prophetic Notes: Of The Pope, 'Charley,' And A Potential Run Of Disasters


In book about mystic was revelation of 'upheaval' and coming 'manifestation'


Strange parchment claimed at Medjugorje


Alleged apparitions test obedience


On discerning apparitions


Update: about apparitions


Medjugorje Defense


Iraqi Visionary Explains Phenomena That Have Occurred From Nineveh To Baghdad


Apparition update: Mary's 'distant'?


Apparition beat: sensational reports


Powerful image came to nun who 'saw' Mary


Apparitions: is Mary's birthday August 5?


Lost in history: U.S. apparition foretold of great fire disaster


Remarkable book on apparition


Mary urged special 'sorrow' Rosary


Apparitions had 'journeys' to afterlife


Ukrainian mystic dies


Eruption of stigmatics: caution


Businessman who was 'on the ropes' saw Mary


Clampdown at Medjugorje?


A look back at mysterious apparitions in Spain


Garabandal seer dies


Unusual, forceful message


The first apparition of Mary


Pius XII and sun miracle


Unusually strong message from Medjugorje


Did Pope visit apparition?


Bishop declares Betania 'sanctuary'


Scandal puts Medjugorje in news


Is Rome about to rule on Medjugorje?


Irish phenomena were based on 'clairvoyant'


Seers foresaw disbelief in Medjugorje


How Bernadette of Lourdes defeated Satan at her death bed


Remote Indian reservation reports apparitions


Bishops and seers square off


The third part of the secret revealed at the Cova da Iria-Fatima, to Lucia on 13 July 1917


**Cause to open for Maria Esperanza


Long before Mexican apparitions was Guadalupe in Spain

Thousands gather to see phenomena in Cairo

Mary's historic interventions

It was after Hiroshima that the Blessed Mother began heightened 'intervention'

Visit to Medjugorje by major cardinal causes huge surprise

Seer from Kibeho says disasters foreseen

Medjugorje, Fatima bear common link to Russia

The mailbag: opening of cause for Esperanza sainthood touches those who attended

Irish seers and the crisis there

Notion of 'secrets' stretches from Europe to South America

Bernadette and the false secret

Do 'direct hits' make Brazilian seer legitimate?

Apparitions: seers see a lot of shaking going on

Apparitions: difficulty of discernment

Author claims Fatima secret is two documents

Pope at Fatima: does dramatic visit meld academia and mystical, and link it to a 'secret'?

Apparition update: boost for Our Lady of America

When seers warn of false prophets

Mystery: what did Mary mean by 'modernism'?

Cocaine addict converts after 'apparition'

Mysteries hover over massive fire, apparition

Major cardinal, bishops ok'd messages from Mary

Messages spoke of coming 'jolt' to the world

How do we discern?

Mary appeared around Fatima centuries before famed apparitions

Will Wisconsin apparition be first in U.S. to be approved?

Seer at Miraculous Medal said failure to obey Mary there led Virgin to go to Lourdes

Spirit Daily ventures deep into Africa

Vatican rules Filipino apparition not supernatural

Mary and the Great Depression

Shrines rise at mysterious African apparition site

Stunning approval of apparition: will it turn tide?

Incredible similarities between apparitions in U.S., Europe, Africa

Dramatic warning from approved seer in Rwanda

What about unapproved Kibeho seers, 'secrets'?

Is African prophecy most accurate in history of apparitions?

Uprisings in various nations have followed visits by Blessed Virgin

Journalists assert 600 healings at apparition

Alleged message in Japan bore links to Fatima, other apparitions

Mystery remains over alleged John Paul II remark, Akita

At apparition, 'phenomena' were seen up close

Of powerful Marian sites is largely unknown one

Official postulator in cause of John Paul II confirms Pope's support for Medjugorje

Special report: seer details mysterious 'parchment' and comments on 'secrets'

Special: death of world's most famous locutionist

War priests memorialized at apparition site

Seer at famous site gave hints on first 'secrets'

Prophetic pulse: dramatic message on evil rule

Of Medjugorje and Church crisis

Apparition watch: from U.S. to Canada to Europe

The secret prophecies leading up to apparition

Astonishing revelation to French nun paralleled famous apparition

Wisconsin apparition and the mystery of fire in Marian messages

A visit to America's only approved apparition

Hundreds of 'apparitions,' but just a handful approved

Prophetic pulse: raucous times as Church purifies

Gripping new book: when a pagan African boy (allegedly) 'met' Jesus

Of flowers and two apparitions

Do Vatican norms hint at action on Medjugorje?

Baptist who had near-death experience encountered woman named 'Mary'

Nun who lived with Fatima seer: Sister Lucia said entire third secret was revealed

Chastisements: locution urges devotion to Holy Face

Hidden secrets: 'miraculous' spring at Fatima

For discernment: huge statue at Medjugorje weeps from new places

The view from here: apparitions and rumors

Alleged seer site says Church will face 'great ordeal'

Apparitions: while major events loom, Blessed Mother rarely gives time or dates

Jesus said to speak as Infant at Medjugorje

Mysterious message from Jesus at Medjugorje: does it tie to papal messages?

When Infant 'spoke,' what did He mean by 'commandments'?

Are two popes and a saint linked to an apparition?

At the edge of the Amazon, a bishop declares visit by Mary 'supernatural'

Messages from an 'approved' apparition in Brazil

Apparition in Brazil claimed one in Italy was also valid

Our Lady of Altagracia: when something tangible is left

Seer at famous site said church was mentioned in 'secrets'

Pope comes from territory of alleged apparition and its approved 'warnings'

In midst of horrid news, Mary's consoling words to alleged seer

Mystical beat: from an archbishop prohibiting a locutionist to an alleged apparition

Pope's homeland: the apparitions of Argentina

Report from an apparition site

Famed seer received 'special blessing' from Pope

Discernment: a 'seer' in Italy

Author speculates on 'secrets'

Another alleged Brazilian apparition

Cause for Esperanza proceeds and retreat centers spread as a miracle is claimed

The dramatic effects of Fatima consecration

Müller restricts seer from having public apparitions

Commentary: that directive on Medjugorje

Maria Esperanza: fondly remembered

Update on Akita, Japan and priest who died in aroma of sanctity

The link between European miracles and Guadalupe

When Mary stopped plagues

Apparition watch: Church rulings in South America

Ukraine, Russia, and Fatima

Mystery: how did three sources all have similar third 'secrets'?

Aged but lucid man asserts visions linked to Pio

Mystic received messages about chastisement, unfulfilled Fatima request

Man linked to apparition dies

'Flame of Love' messages got especially intense in mystic's final years

Famed exorcist asserts that Fatima request was stymied by 'political' pressure

On hillside in Slovakia, Virgin foresaw a coming 'visit' by God

Messages from Mary included words on 'protection'

In Slovakia, Mary gave insights into illness,  healing, and peace

A new case of (alleged) bilocation

Interview with a visionary

Did a mother superior receive locutions (as a bishop says she did) from God?

Church-approved message to nun claimed request from God

When it comes to famous apparitions: obedience

Alleged messages from beyond and 9/11

Famous medium was influenced by 'condemned' apparition

The five hundred who saw Jesus, plus Saint Faustina

Book shows mysticism, tremendous Catholic faith in Fatima seer's family

New book adds insight and detail to 'third secret' of Fatima

Nuns who lived with Fatima seer say 'consecration' was done, secret was fully revealed, explain 'Portugal' mystery

Revelation of new Fatima 'enlightenment' warrants new speculation

Eruption of visions, 'messages' warned of descent into evil

In midst of 'horrors,' Pope invoked Mary; she came a week later

Eminent theologian: in current times, Lourdes would be rejected

Bishops in India witnessed phenomena around woman

What Mary allegedly said at Medjugorje about her battle with Satan

What to think of alleged stigmatic and her thousands of pages from the Lord?

Alleged stigmatic has messages about coming evil

Weeping statues: stones 'crying out'?

At Medjugorje, a startling prophetic word

September was an important month to famous mystic'

Behind the scenes of an apparition

Does official approval of apparition include phenomena that went with it?

Report from afar: site of the Virgin prepares for Pope, has hidden links with past and other apparitions

Report from afar: in Grotto at Lourdes

Finally, reaching LaSalette!

Report from afar: Laus is comparable to 'Miraculous Medal'

'Messages' to young mother were granted imprimatur

Medjugorje rumor

Medjugorje update

Apparitions succeed to the extent that seers are holy

Was Cross requested (but rejected) in Paris finally built at Medjugorje?

Mystic claimed Christ told His mother about her future apparitions

Mary's warnings on the glitz of our times

In Africa had come a prediction of the AIDS epidemic

Messages from apparition take on a new tone

Sporadic statue desecration: is it a harbinger?

Hundreds of thousands at apparition site

Fatima seer foresaw great battle with evil culminating in attacks on family

Bishop makes declaration of authenticity on apparitions

In Argentina, warnings, biblical advice, emphasis on Sacred Heart

Archbishop takes sharp issue with Vatican over apparition

In Argentina, Blessed Mother said two-thirds of humanity had lost the way

At apparition site, the extraordinary claim of a secret 'scroll'

When the devil came to Medjugorje

Saint Joseph in South America: has his time come?

When holy things come from nowhere

Guadalupe: alive and well and amazing

Does crescent moon at Guadalupe signify Islam?

Feedback: why Mary comes in blue

Alleged seer from Brazil warns of 'great coming evil'

What would Guadalupe look like without artistic embellishments?

Those who have 'foreseen' their own deaths

What the Guadalupe image may have looked like

An update on seer from Syria

In face of death, Francisco could think only of God

Discerning a seer: is world situation 'fragile' as never before?

Apparitions reported in Fátima area centuries before famous ones

Fatima and Saint Joseph

Papal commission confirms appearances of Mary at Medjugorje in way that can be equated with history's great apparitions

'This time is a turning point': an interesting new 'message'

Medjugorje: mystery solved?

Miracle watch: look, up in the sky, it's...

One view: video shows seer confirming Fatima consecration, secret

Another view: did Padre Pio really reveal third secret to exorcist?

Quake occurred at site of recent alleged Italian apparitions

Prophecy beat: sobering alleged messages

Demons howled during alleged recent apparition

Seers and North Korea

Theologian releases book on alleged messages from Amazon

At supposed apparition in Brazil, Saint Joseph bore warnings

Old shoes: stepping toward Heaven

Turmoil surrounds alleged seer from Brazil

Mailbag: theologian suspends publishing of apparition book

Without a 'Virgin of America,' national shrine is incomplete

False stigmatics plague Italy

Revisiting apparition in Ukraine

Is Medjugorje on path to approval?

Virgin encourages those in difficult time to persevere

Vatican envoy says Satan has ramped up general attack

The mystical front: tears in America, 'apparitions' in Africa

Mary in the world's most tense region

An ancient apparition and the abuse crisis

Why was Ohio center of apparition eruption?

The mystery of supernatural script

High in the Andes, a 'light show' accompanied apparition

Priest found vocation after miracles

Of a new movie and controversial apparition

A Jew, LaSalette, and an apocalyptic message

Bishop reverses prohibition at apparition site

Revisiting phenomena over Iraq

Vatican joins conservative bishops, opening up apparitions

In Portugal, a hidden apparition

Another monumental apparition headline

The strange case of an apparition in Wisconsin

Deep in Ukraine: where Mary appeared in a towering glow