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Biden ends re-election bid



Pope: in silence of Adoration we receive Grace


Lesson from an 'ordinary' vision


Computer scientists had brush with hell


The confusing, fascinating prophecies of Amsterdam



Notes from Eucharistic Congress


A hundred bishops!


Vatican set to release more apparition rulings


Decisions on apparitions come fast and furiously


Prayer to sever soul ties


The incredible apparitions at Bonate


Vatican approves yet another apparition


Spirit Daily pilgrimage to Medjugorje


Special Report (new): the strange, dark underside of a North Carolina city


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July 13 prophecy retreat: video

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Indulgence issued for visiting elderly

Japanese prefecture mandates laughing

Prayer need: man shot dead before Mass

Dive team given award after recovering pieces of Virgin statue blown apart by tornado

J. D. Vance: Too many Catholics fail to show proper deference to Pope'

Revisiting July 13, 1917

A great mystic!



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Archives reveal Vatican began measures against Maciel long before publicly known

A star cluster is shown in and around a gas cloud that
looks like an oyster. The rollover image shows the same cluster
not only in visible light, but X-ray and infrared too. 
Please see the explanation for more detailed information.


An interesting 'word'


Celebrity stole item from papal apartment [caution, tabloid]


Papal palace unearthed in Rome


Secret Service denied requests for better security


Shooter also had researched other politicians


Signs: 150-degree heat dome in the Middle East


Florida man arrested for threats against Trump


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The power of the Holy Spirit


Man disguised as priest burglarizes churches


Texas candidate changes name to 'Literally Anybody Else'!


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