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Feast of John Paul II
The daily schedule of John Paul II

Archangel Raphael novena
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When a non-believing doctor 'touched' an apparition of Mary

Final week of Synod begins with a splash

Statues seized, thrown into Tiber River

Amazonian 'Way of the Cross' included controversial image

Pope: our mission is to make disciples

Worldwide number of Catholics increases, priests decline

Is this His Face?

Phoenix bishop urges consecration to Jesus through Mary

Not again: corruption at Vatican bank

Mobster claims he helped kill John Paul I

A dark spirit in our hospitals

What is 'wrath' of God?

Curiosities abound in strange times

When in need, Pope places prayers under Saint Joseph statue

When Jesus came out of an image to heal a man

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Support 'substantial' at Synod for female deacons

Vatican donations plunge amid sex scandals

Trudeau wins second term

Trump reignites feud with Hillary

Evangelical support for Trump may be growing

Christian leaders denounce northern Ireland on abortion

World watch: Kanye blasted rap as 'devil's music'

Bishop bans yoga

Tornado rips through Dallas

Satan's self-destruction

Lake shrinks -- leaving toxic dust

Romney's Twitter account

Persecution: gays force Chick-fil-A to close in UK

Is state-church coming?

Health watch: foods that add healthy years to life

Homeless man rescued from streets

Health watch: things you don't know about vitamins

Analyzing Medjugorje

Digital rosary hackable?

Litany of trust: a deliverance prayer

Archaeologists unearth road built by Pontius Pilate

Healthy foods that Jesus ate

The reality of demon possession

'The Church is not a democracy'

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Christ's Triumph Over the

Darkness of the Age