Church's neglect of deliverance opened way to ghastly scandals

Illinois attorney general meets with Cupich

Secretary to Buffalo bishop takes leave

Famous exorcist called Medjugorje 'center of fight against evil'

Pell loses appeal

Vatican 'accepts verdict' but acknowledges further Pell plea

'Australian disgrace'

Pure danger: Zak the ghost hunter

Pope: beware hypocrisy

Holy Father's trip to the sub-Sahara

The Bible and your well-being

Miracles: asking for God's Hand

Pope: discover beauty of Adoration prayer

Unbinding of the enemy?

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'Apocalyptic' dark in Brazil

Another seminarian calls for closing of Christ the King

Trump's cancellation of Dane visit surprises royals

Actress has 'no regrets' about two abortions

Epstein wanted to be a minister for access to young

Trump fulfilling Christian-right's agenda

Egypt's Christians and Muslims join in Marian devotion

The rich ready for 'doomsday'

Earthquake cluster hits Kansas

Study: Chinese could overwhelm U.S. in Asia in hours

Nuclear test site went silent after crash

Fox poll bad news for Trump

Wildfire causes evacuations on Canary Islands

Conspiracy theories and gossip can be same thing

'We killed God, community, and family -- and now it's killing us'

Health watch: with carbohydrates, devil is in details

'A riveting book of miracles'

Bishops, priests pray outside satanic 'mass' in Canada

Video: 'All or nothing'

Why Pius X changed age for Communion

Louisiana and its spiritual 'storms'

Video: confronting a 'drag queen'

Seventy-three percent of kids want more time with parents

Health watch: the health benefits of dates

Ohio's 'miracle house' draws pilgrims

Oldest library is in Egyptian monastery

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